New Site Feature: Mapping Democracy International Observer Reporting

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By James Long, Democracy International Research Director

A core component of Democracy International's mission is the record of events that our field observers witness at polling centers on election day and in the run-up to the vote. To better visualize and share this data, DI has launched a new project in conjunction with Small World News and Ushahidi.

This map, which you can view at any time by clicking on the "Observer Report Map" button on our home page, shows reports from across Afghanistan where DI had deployed observers, specifically with respect to polling center openings, security, polling procedures, fraud and irregularites, and polling center closings. Verified items have been directly observed by DI field observers; unverified items have been reported by DI observers but do not represent direct observations.

We will continue to update the map with more reports and information from both the pre-election period and election day as we are able to process them, so please continue to check back for more information.


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