2005 Wolesi Jirga Results

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A complete candidate list and results by province for Afghanistan's 2005 Wolesi Jirga elections are attached below. Afghanistan's parliamentary elections are held under a Single Non-Transferable Vote (SNTV) system that results in large differences in the level of popular support for winning candidates. Some like-minded voters may cluster around a few popular candidates, leaving most candidates to enter parliament with very low shares of the total popular vote. In many cases the majority of voters in a province diffuse their support over a broad range of candidates who do not manage to attain seats at all. These effects are illustrated in the map and chart below; for more analysis, see Afghanistan's 'Lottery Effect'.

Candidates Voting Share by Province in 2005 Wolesi Jirga Elections


Graphic Credit: InteractiveThings



Correction 09/13: A data entry error resulted in the inadvertent ommission of 17 winning candidates from the graphic below. The full list of winners is available in the attached spreadsheet file.


Graphing the 2005 Wolesi Jirga winners by vote share. (Click to enlarge.)