October 20, 2010

KABUL, Oct 19 – The Independent Election Commission said on Wednesday it had nullified 1.3 million votes, nearly a quarter of the 5.6 million votes cast in last month’s Wolesi Jirga election, saying that while the election had been a success, “the fact that we have annulled over a million votes is an acknowledgment of the fact that there have been problems. But we did our best in very difficult circumstances.”

October 17, 2010

KABUL, Oct 17 – The Independent Election Commission said on Sunday it was postponing announcement of the preliminary results of the Wolesi Jirga election for at least three days “to be more accurate and precise.”

October 16, 2010

KABUL, Oct 16 – The Electoral Complaints Commission has apparently extended the period candidates are permitted to respond to complaints the ECC has sustained against them from three to five days.

The ECC told a news conference Saturday that “in the interests of justice the ECC is giving the candidates in question personal notice of the charges agains t them and is granting them five days from the time they are notified to defend themselves against the allegations.”

October 16, 2010

KABUL, Oct 16 – The Independent Election Commission said on Saturday it would announce the preliminary results of the Wolesi Jirga election on Sunday, Pajhwok reported.

“We are determined to announce the results of the remaining 35 polling centres, which includes the entire 34 provinces and nomad Kuchis by tomorrow,” Noor told Pajhwok Afghan News.

October 13, 2010


Kabul, Oct 13 - The Electoral Complaints Commission has annulled all the votes cast in the province of Herat for the brother of Herat’s mayor, Muhammad Salim Taraki, and filed a formal complaint against the mayor with the attorney general.

October 09, 2010

KABUL, Oct 9 – The Independent Election Commission said on Saturday it had nullified part or all of the votes from 442 polling centers, and has ordered audits and recounts of 828 more. It has also referred 29 more candidates to the Electoral Complaints Commission for alleged fraud, bringing to 171 the number of candidates referred to the ECC.

On October 5 it said (pdf) it had nullified the votes of 227 polling centers and ordered recounts 339.

October 06, 2010

Kabul, Oct 7 – We’ve just released an updated interactive map illustrating the provinces where polling centers didn’t open. The map shows how much the IEC had to scale back its plans to open polling centers in the north of the country, as well as in the troubled province of Ghazni in the center of the country.

October 05, 2010

Kabul, Oct 5 – The Independent Election Commission said Tuesday it was postponing release of the preliminary election results until Oct. 17. They had originally been scheduled to be completed later this week.

October 05, 2010

KABUL, Oct 5 - Shahzada Hassan, the IEC’s chief in the province of Khost, has been arrested, according to Dari Daily. It quoted security officials.

In a press conference on Sunday the IEC chairperson Fazal Ahmad Manawi had said that they seeking the arrest of an IEC provincial chief who had allegedly been involved in election fraud.

October 04, 2010


تصمیم کمیسیون مستقل انتخابات افغانستان در مورد اینکه تقریبآ ۱۰۰۰مراکز رای دهی را از لست ابتدایی حذف نماید ، توجه خاص را به خود جلب نموده. دیموکرسی انترنیشنل تجزیه و تحلیل خویش را در مورد این پیشرفت با مقایسه ولایت به ولایت نسبت به مراکز رای دهی انتخابات سال 2009 که کمیسیون مستقل انتخابات افغانستان میگوید که باز میباشد ، ادامه میدهد.

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